The Aqua-licious minesweeper clone for Mac OS X.

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BombSquad is localized in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Dutch, and I'm looking to add more. Please email if you can help!


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What's new in 3.2?

BombSquad has truly become a labor of love, especially since the selling price is now officially $0 USD. But love can lead to great things, and in this case it has lead to:

  • A Spanish localization, thanks to Javier Diaz Soto, and...
  • A Japanese localization, thanks to Colin Givnan.

An explosive combination.

Take the good looks of Mac OS X and its Aqua interface, and mix liberally with the popular "Windoze" Minesweeper puzzle/game. You get BombSquad - a nimble rip-off of a classic game. BombSquad is fabulous freeware for Mac OS X.

Still thinking different.

BombSquad supports completely flexible board and grid sizing for better game play. BombSquad also has features like Ghost Bombs, Crunch Time, Zap Clicks, and a whole bunch of other stuff unworthy of trademark protection!

Much easier on the wallet than a real minefield.

Hey - its free! If you appreciate the quality of this handcrafted game, I hope you'll consider the purchase of some of my other fine products.